From the recording SOG Songs Volume 1

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I left my home when I was thirteen Traveled to the places that I've never seen Strapped my guitar to my back
On I went never looking back
Found my destiny but I moved on
Traveled round from town to town
Never wanted to settle down
Never had a family
Just this guitar and a song and me
Never had a place that you could call home
Wasting time like money It's a sin I can’t forgive Wasting time like money And it's time I can’t relive
Never had the money And I never had the time If it wasn’t for insanity
I think I’d lose my mind
Watching out for number one
Run amok and jump the gun
Never caring who I hurt
Made the ones who dared to flirt Never had the time or need for a friend
Never a penny to my name
Just the guitar and this silly game
Never caring what I owe
What I make, or what I blow
Guess it's one of those things I’ll never learn