Notes from a Small Production Studio

Debut Album Release (personal music) 

It took me nearly forty years, but I can finally say that I have created, and I'm about to share with the world, my first musical declaration. 

Goes on sale December 4th, pre-order November 20.

I have to admit that as exciting as it is, it's also a bit unnerving as these songs are a window through the mask that I wear to the world. These songs are all testaments to true struggles, tribulations, and they are voices to raw emotions. They are all quite personal. I have always been grateful that music has given me a way to expel these "poisons" from my mind into the form of art. I no longer have to carry them!

I have struggled for years with "Impostor Syndrome". Always feeling that I was sub par in my abilities and talents; afraid to bare my shortcomings to the world. Having time on my hands, I set a goal to record 12 songs, that I have been planning to finish for years, and have them prepared for release prior to the 2020 holiday season. No Problem, as most of them just needed some polish.  HAHA! (Very eye opening!)

If nothing more, this has been a true learning experience!
By giving myself a deadline, I proved to myself how much I could accomplish in a day and learned all kinds of new shortcuts to streamline my workflow. My skill for my craft has grown more in the last month than it has in the last two years! NO JOKE!
I put in a lot of long days, I thought about extending my deadline more than once; but in the end, I stuck to my guns and I'm relatively happy with the out come. There are more than a few pitchy vocal parts, timing issues and many production shortcomings. Ultimately, I took a huge step toward where I want to be and I won't look back. I have 12 songs that I no longer have to worry over and they are being shared with the world. I can set those aside and start on the next batch. 

I am working on an ebook that will provide lyrics and a short story behind each song. Look for it in the store on my site. (still being constructed)

I appreciate you taking time to read my ramblings!
I'll be back soon with plenty more to talk about!