1. Kermits Tune

A song Kermit wrote to me for Christmas 1988. Each line is a memory that we shared growing up.


Doesn’t seem so long ago
When we were young and we were alone
We used to have some times

Making noise called rock and roll
Pitching hay and getting stoned
July fourth stick on our behinds

Old Milwaukee from uncle Phil
Riding round with cousin Bill
Man you know that was a trip

Six pack out back in the shack
Deck of cards and a Van Halen track
And two girls to strip

Chorus Do you remember then?
Would you like to go back there again?
I’ve been going there in my head
Do you remember my old friend?

Junk cars and two string guitars
Summer nights counting the stars
Living easy on our dreams

Remember driving up to jam?
In Billy’s basement band
We might have went somewhere it seems

Going to school being cool
Bad Company we would rule
Always wanting to kick some ass

Field day in the month of June
All our friends and a box of tunes
Football field in the grass


Now we’re on a different road
Many more memories come and hold
It’s a rocky road for sure

But in the end I know we’ll see
That’s the way it’s supposed to be
But there’s a long way to go

Chorus The good times will Never end
We’ll have many more of them again
Another year’s come to an end
Do you remember my old friend?
Will you remember till the end?
Do you remember my old friend?